CISO New York Summit | Mar 3, 2020 | Convene - 117 W 46th Street - New York, NY, USA



HR Technology Transformation- Talent, Core HR, and Payroll

Think Tank - 1:45 pm - 2:10 pm

Given the advent and accelerating maturity of major cloud platforms- both configurable and customizable- in the HR space for payroll, talent, time, mobility, travel, and core HR- transformation activity for HR and composite functions is more prevalent than ever.  The "art of the possible" has expanded to an apex where traditionally disparate processes and associated technologies like payroll and talent can now be thought of in concert via process and data aggregation with interesting possibilities for insight, consolidation, risk & cost mitigation, and reporting & analytics.  The technology landscape for HR has evolved so rapidly that oftentimes, major HR technology platforms are the driving force and intentional inflection points for transformation.  The "War for Talent" will be won or loss by major organizations by exercising and perfecting HR technology strategy and data to attract, on-board, retain, and develop key talent.

Presented by:

Ryan Tweedie, Global MD & CIO HR, Accenture